Shop history and story

The woodworking shop has always been a part of my life. I grew up in Dad's shop making fine furniture for family and friends. Hand me down machines and tools made up my shop for a long time until the need to replace or upgrade came along. My greatest enjoyment has been focused around wood turned projects. Very seldom will any two projects be identical. This is not a production shop, it's where I went to keep my sanity after work. The shop has been called a lot of things, from the Sawdust Factory and our money pit, to Rick's Doghouse, now I'm just glad it's still here. My Bride of 45+ years and I make gifts together in this shop and it has become something even more special to us.

A couple years ago I settled into making segmented urns and Beads Of Courage jars. I wanted large threaded brass inserts for my lids. Now I convert brass plumbing parts on a dedicated lathe for my use and for other woodturners to use in their projects. This has allowed us to afford keeping the shop heated during the Wisconsin winters. I have met so many great people with the inserts - it's incredible!

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